General Terms of Sale JS Technologie


  • Orders can be placed in writing or via electronic way through the email or the fax.
  • The order should contain data of the contracting entity, specific information about the amount and the asortment of goods as well as the address of the delivery.
  • In case other than standard ordering, requirements concerning the way of packing and labelling, person ordering will specifically  determine his/hers requirements in writing in the moment of placing an order and will confirm with JS representative. 
  • The delivery can take place with the JS transport or with the transport of contracting entity.
  • The implementation of an order takes place in date  set between the JS an person ordering.
  • The implementation of an order takes place according to prices set in the current JS offer.
  • With the moment of releasing goods to the person ordering or to the person appointed by ordering , JS does not bear responsibility for loss, damage or destruction of goods.
  • Person ordering is supposed to report probable deficiencies or damage of goods at the receipt of JS commodity, then draw up the protocol of the damage and make relevant entries in the WZ document, otherwise person ordering is wasting the possibility of all claims towards JS Technologies.

Quality and guarantee

  •  JS declares usage of raw materials in accordance with European Norms applied for constructions
  •  JS does not bare responsibility for damage of goods incurred as a result of packing and loading products different than standard applied by ZBH JS. Information about the standard way of packing is available on the website, as well as in the customer service of our company. JS responsibility for damage of goods is particularly excluded in case of loading larger amount of products on the palettes than it is determined in information about standard ways of packing by the ZBH JS. Such loading can undergo exclusively based on the written declaration sent along with the order by person ordering. 
  •  JS grants 6 months guarantee (counted from the day of delivery) for its goods - provisions of the Civil Code in range of the guarantee and the warranty are excluded. 
  • The guarantee does not include damage arising as a result of bad storage, mechanical damages as well as applying wrong mortars. Profiles should be stored in dry conditions also not be exposed to the atmospheric factors and direct solar exposure.

Reservation of the ownership right

  • The supplier is reserving ownership rights of delivered goods hereunder transfer agreement, all the way up to paying the entire selling price by the recipient along with the possible interest for the delay.
  • The supplier has the right to put mention of reserving the ownership transfer on the issued invoice.  
  • In case of necessity (for example initiating bankruptcy, systemic proceedings or execution) the recipient will inform third parties of the fact that goods being a subject of this agreement do not belong to it as well as will mark goods constituting the properties for the supplier appropriately, so that there is no doubt who is the owner.
  • The recipient will object to seizing goods belonging to the supplier and in case of such a seizure immediately will inform the supplier about this fact as well as will make attempts to release goods from the seizure. 

Other provisions

  • The recipient cannot cede any laws and obligations arising herefrom the agreement for third parties without the written consent of the Supplier.
  • All changes to this agreement shall be made in writing on pain of invalidity.
  • In unsettled matters with this agreement adequate rules of the civil code and other acts are applicable.
  • All disputes between Sides arising from this agreement will be adjudicated by the commercial court competent for the registered office of the Supplier.
  • The agreement is being drafted in two counterparts one each for each Party.
  • In unsettled matters with this conditions provisions of the Polish Law are applicable.