We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new way of marking pallets with Ribbon Beads.

We have added width, thickness and length markings that are large and visible from a distance on all four sides of the pallet.

By placing it on the bottom layer, it will be visible until all profiles from the palette are selected. The labels are glued to the stretch tape, not directly to the product, to avoid problems with removing them during profile installation.

We hope that the new markings will significantly facilitate the work of warehouse workers in your company, thanks to which the working time and the number of mistakes will be significantly reduced.

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


Easter reminds us that with faith and patience, we can overcome any obstacle. 

Here’s to continued success in business and more prosperous moments. 

Happy Easter!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


The team at JS Technologie wishes you peace, joy for Christmas time and prosperity throughout the coming year! 

We appreciate working with you and hope that the holidays and the coming year will bring you happiness and success.

We look forward to working with you in the years to come!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


At the beginning of October, the long-awaited move took place.

From that moment on, the JS Technologie office is located in its newly built, own headquarters in Józefów near Warsaw, in a modern, elegant office building located in a quiet location.

We invite you to visit!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals

New ergonomic box for PVC UNI+S

New ergonomic box for the product: Universal Corner with Mesh (PVC UNI+S).

The functional design of the box ensures greater comfort of use:

  • The construction of the box makes it easy to measure the required length of the UNI+S PVC corner without having to open the box and remove the entire roll
  • Greater comfort and ease of use
  • Protects the goods against damage during transport
  • Nice, aesthetic box, looks presentable in the warehouse
  • Made of environmentally friendly material

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new products in our offer!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals

BAU 2023

The most important European trade fair for building materials and architecture BAU Munich is behind us. The attendance this year was record-breaking!

The fair was visited by 190,000 people from the industry and 2,260 exhibitors from 49 countries around the world. An intense time for the whole team. It was very busy, but also very fruitful.

We would like to thank all our Partners from all over Europe and Asia, who came to us and found time to visit our stand. We are also very glad that we met many new business partners.

Once again, thank you for so many visit at our stand.

More photos from the fair can be found on our fb. We encourage you to take a look!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


Happy Easter to you and your family. May you enjoy a joyful and lovely Easter holiday!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


After a long break, BAU the World'Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems is back! A unique opportunity to learn about the latest technological solutions or explore current industry topics during discussion panels - "Climate Change Challenge", "Affordable Living", "Resources and Recycling" and "Digital Transformation" or "Modular Design".

In 19 halls 2,200 exhibitors from around 45 countries present advanced techniques, applications and materials. More than 250,000 planning, construction and design professionals will attend the event.  

We are pleased to announce that our company will be present at the BAU 2023 fair in Munich. 

We invite you to visit our stand!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


We are convinced that thanks to the new expanded fleet, our deliveries will be the most competitive on the market. We are constantly working on the logistics system in our company

Our priority is to deliver our products to you quickly, flexibly and on time.

We improve the packaging system so that the goods are always delivered in perfect condition.  

We are also proud to inform you that, the Manager of our production facility, Mr. Andrzej Moszczyński, was featured on the cover of the quarterly magazine "On the Road" SCANIA POLSKA. We invite you to read the article in which we talk about the challenges in transport and cooperation with SCANIA POLSKA. You can find the full article in the "Gallery" tab on our website

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


The development of the company and the increase in demand increased the demand for transport.

In order to ensure punctual deliveries of products to our customers, we decided to invest in our own transport. Wishing to improve the quality of services and guarantee the stability of transport costs, we started our own transport activity. For this purpose, a separate company was established under the name JS Logistyka.

Currently, there are 7 vehicles in our fleet, including 6 Scania tractor units. In the spring of next year, another 2 tractors of this brand will join the fleet. In June 2022, the latest Scania Super tractors joined the fleet of JS Logistyka.

Drivers are trained at Scania Driving School and monitor Scania Driver Support assessments and advice. JS Logistyka also uses the Scania FMS system.

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals

Merry Christmas

On the occasion of upcoming Christmas, we would like to wish you a vibrant health, happiness and a peaceful, prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas! 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


We are pleased to announce that we have launched the production of a new profile thanks to the implementation of an innovative and patented technology as part of a program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. 

It is a new corner with a glass mesh with significantly improved parameters. It is characterized by a completely resistant to high and low temperatures combination of corner and glass mesh, through patented shaped hooks.

The connection is extremely durable because we do not use hot-melt glue to connect the profile with the mesh. The corner is stiff and resilient at the same time. Enjoy your shopping !

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


Wishing a blessed and memorable Easter to all our customers, partners and their families. 
May you celebrate this day with your loved ones over feasts and laughter!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


In the JS Technologie team, we listen carefully to the opinions and suggestions of our customers. To meet your needs, we have introduced a window-fitting profile with a mesh, in which we have used a reliable and quick way to connect two basic elements: glass fiber mesh and the body of the profile.

The connection through the PVC strip is durable and fast at the same time, which results in us being able to offer you our profiles at competitive prices.

PVC WINDOW-FITTING PROFILE WITH MESH is one of our flagship products. It is a top-quality profile made of PVC resistant to UV radiation, with 3mm thick dilatation tapes.

Currently, the use of window-fitting profiles with mesh at the construction process is already the norm and a necessity, so we encourage you to use them. Thanks to our vast experience in production and the passion with which we approach our work, we are able to provide you with modern products at a good price.

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals


We would like to thank all our Customers, Partners and
Friends for their trust and patronage in 2021.

Thank you for collaborating with us!

We wish you all the peace, warmth and joy for Christmas time and further achievements, successful investments 
and every prosperity in the coming New Year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


In October, our production facility was visited by exceptional guests - students of the no.1 T. Kościuszko Primary School in Lidzbark. Our employees had the pleasure to show the children around the production halls, warehouses, demonstrate the machines in operation and explain the profile production process in detail.

Thank you for such a nice visit!   

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


We are happy to inform you, that in 2021 we started the construction of our new building, which will be used for the new headquarters of our office.  

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


We have introduced new packaging for pvc balcony profiles. The packaging is made of thick, durable cardboard, which ensures the highest safety in the transport of products. The solid and even shape facilitates transport and placing cartons on the shelves of warehouses. The packaging has been designed so that unpacking the products is more efficient and easier to use. 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


In January 2021, we invested in our transport services. We have expanded our fleet with 6 new Scania sets. Bearing in mind the growing needs of our customers, we improve logistics so, that our transport services meets the expectations in terms of flexibility of transporting our goods.

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


In 2020, we completed the construction of three new warehouses halls.
This is a great improvement in our warehouses, increases the throughput, improves the arrangement of goods and upgrades the organization of work of our warehouse staff. 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


To all our Customers, Contractors and Friends
we wish a Christmas full of love, joy and peace. 
May this coming New Year bring you a spark
of good fortune needed to complete
all your endeavours successfully.

Happy Holidays !    

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


PVC facade profile in our offer, is available in 3 different sizes: 2 / 3 / 5 cm width.

Each size with mesh or without mesh.

PVC used for this product, has been chosen from the best material grade and it is UV resistant. 

A very good quality foil makes it easier to use during processing, closely adheres to the profile and smoothly peels off. 

PVC facade profiles are packed into the sturdy cartons, each one contains 20 pieces.

For our regular customers, we provide attractive prices.      

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


Warm wishes on Easter to all our clients, partners and their families. May you celebrate this day with your loved ones over feasts and laughter. We wish you all the success and happiness  in the near future.

Happy Easter !    

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


The most important features : 
  • elastic material and UV resistant 
  • adapts to the dilatant slit 
  • facilitates work during installation 
  • modified shape brings saving in glue, cement and plaster 
  • strong mesh 
With a long term cooperation, we provide great prices!

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


If you are looking for the best 30x30mm aluminium profile on the market, we recommend you our special custom-made BIG MAX profile. The product has the real thickness of 0,4mm, which provides appropriate rigidity and the unique ridge’s bend facilitates proces of plastering. Our special knurl, due to geometrical shape change, provides genuine benefits of boosting the plaster's adhesion (by contrast, knurls in comparable products made by other companies usually provides change only in the appearance).

If you are looking just for the wide profile 30x30mm with the average price, we recommend you to choose our another corner JS MIDI 30x30x0,35mm. JS MIDI profile has also unique ridge’s bend and a professionaly made knurl. 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


Thank You for all the meetings during Budma 2020!

We had the great opportunity to host you on our booth for 4 days of this special business event. Many interesting conversations took place, so we hope that they will bring fruitful collaborations and will expand our mutual growth. Greetings to all visitors that we had a pleasure to meet. 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  

BUDMA 2020

We would like to invite you to BUDMA 2020 an International Fair. The fair takes places between 4-7 February in polish city Poznań. We invite you to visit our booth in pavilion 3 ground floor, booth nb 106. 

See you there! 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  


On the occasion of upcoming Holidays 2019 we would like to wish to our clients, partners and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020 ! 

JS TEAM - building profiles for professionals  

European Regional Development Fund

Project purpose : implementation of the innovative technology of manufacturing monolithic building pvc profiles with glass mesh in the JS Technologie Company's production facility.

Planned results : implementation of the innovative products to our offer, will enable JS Technologie company to achieve competitive advantage on the pvc building profiles market, also to discount bonuses for novelty and to empower market position. 

Project value : 5 920 000,00 PLN

Co-funding the project from UE : 4 144 000,00 PLN


As a well known global producer, who is continuously evolving, we created a modification of pcv continuous expansion profile. 

Material used for this profile is more elastic and resistant to ripping. 

Better suited to dilatational slit and easier to mount.

Our profile owns conjunctive part 5 cm length, which is a big convenience during joining two profile in the dilatational slit. Especially modified profile shape, makes it easier to process during application and also it is more economical when it comes to glue and parget usage. 

WIth a long term cooperation we provide great prices ! 

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals



Tests carried out under the production conditions, has shown that both for low temperatures +5 °C, and for the high temperatures +50°C, the glue used by JS company retains all the required components needed for persistent connection of the corner and mesh.  

The Adhesive Strength was determined experimentally with 10 degrees scale :
1 - a total lack of mesh gluing to the corner
10 - no possible way to disconnect the mesh from the corner, without snagging the mesh
Measurements done on the 3 different production batches, on 240 samples, has shown, that
average Adhesive Strength amounts to 8,8 to 9,8.

Additionally, extra tests were carried out in the conditions that excess the temperature range of using thermal glues. Results of this experiments has shown satisfactory durability, but as a producent, we
do not recommend using this products in the temperatures below 5°C and above 50°C.

Parameters of our products were over 15% higher than competitive products tested in the same category. 
JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


ALU CORNER WITH MESH STRONG LINE - The corner is manufactured with the use of modern, proprietary JS’s technology. Increased corner’s thickness and also increased grammage of the mesh give the excellent build quality. Comparative tests have shown, that the corner is more than 20% more rigid than the competitive counterparts of this product. 

Reliability confirmed by our clients - in 2018 zero quantity of complaints. We recommend You our product also because of it’s great value for money.   
JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


PVC CORNER WITH MESH STRONG LINE - PVC corner with mesh JS’s STRONG LINE is the best solution for people who search for the best value for money. The product is economical, rigid and elastic, thanks to exceptional quality of PVC material and 125g mesh. We produce in two non-standard sizes 10x10 and 8x12cm.
The product is packed in resistant carton, so will be safely transported to any given place. .
JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


PVC CORNER WITH MESH MAX LINE - PVC Corner with mesh from JS MAX line is one of the best pvc corners on the market. Product is equally rigid and elastic, thanks to extraordinary quality of the PVC material. Our innovative way of glueing mesh with the product, gives a very strong connection. Mesh does not peel while using or applying.

Product is packed into tough carton and plastic wrapping, so will be safely transported to any given place. PVC Corner with mesh has a wide range of use - perfect for processing splays in passive houses.
JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


OUR NONSTANDARD PROFILES - As the only ones on the polish building market we produce ribbon beads with such a broaden variety of sizes like 3, 4, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25 and 30cm! In total up to 50 different profiles. Additionally, we carry out custom-fit orders with client's need of sizes.

Our profiles are gaining more and more popularity in Europe and Asia. This growth made us prepare for You a complementary offer for ribbon beads : connectors, spacers for base profiles (From 3mm to 10mm) and profiles with mesh - all for ribbon beads profiles
JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


OUR OFFER OF HANGERS - For the new year we encourage You to review our offer of hangers for CD profiles. We have many sizes at your disposal - from size 75 to 250. Proper tooling thanks to our modern construction makes it very rigid and high quality in each of the product we offer. 

All of the hangers are made of the galvanized steel.  

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS - In our accessories you can find a wide range of hangers - hangers ES sized from 75 to 250 and two kinds of connectors : flat and bowed. Modern and measured construction of the hangers, especially proper tooling, improve it’s rigidity and gives it the perfect quality of implementation.

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with our offer of the hangers, connectors and other accessories for GK profiles.

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


 HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL MAGNELIS* STEEL -  Steel corner from our MAX product line was tested by environment of professional plasterers and was taken in as a safe, rigid and reliable. Positive reception of this corner in the building market caused dynamic and constantly growing vending.

We recommend you our one of the best our products and encourage you to buy JS’s MAX line products.

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


  JS's new Sewing Technology -  We created new Sewing Technology based on using thick, triple-twisted strands along with Flat-stitch Technology application. As a result, the mesh is firmly and securely attached, but at the same time provides an elastic joint. Flat-stitch Technology allows to apply a very even plaster’s layer on the profile.

We recommend you to use JS's innovative products to get high quality, effective, non-cracking connection of the plaster layer and the window frame. 
JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


 Authorial JS profile's construction.  During the assembling process many experts deal with the problem of rolling up the front part of the seal, which significantly makes it difficult to apply the profile and often causes seal’s damage.

We have found a solution to this problem. JS’s seal on its front part, has been made from a very hard and stiff material. As a result, the seal is not rolling up and perfectly adheres to the window casing. 

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


 Authorial JS profile's construction. Thickened dilatation foams are very important element in creating correct window dilatation. Too thin foams dramatically increase probability of cracks and crevice formation on a window-plaster joint.
We decided to use the most thick foams - for 9/6 profile 3mm thick foam, for 6/3 profile 2mm thick foam. Thus, our pvc window profiles provide the highest quality dilatation.

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


 Authorial JS profile's construction. Widen up to 11 mm adhesive tape on losing element. Our high quality profiles have wide tapes on a losing element. Width of 11 mm gives a perfect tape adhesion to the safety film. Safety film, which protects the window, is strongly stuck, so the construction process goes smoothly and the window is always perfectly protected from any dirt during plastering.     .

JS TEAM- building profiles for professionals


PLASTER CORNER NS MAX Magnelis*  Very rigid corner, made of Magnelis tapes with an exceptional thickness of 0,5 mm. With this, it is several times more resistant to corrosion than ordinary galvanized corners. We made our corner according to the best tested patterns. We matched the shape of the turtling to the requirements of professional plasterers. Dedicated to hostile environments, for cement and lime plasters. Safe and strong packaging facilitates transport and storage.

JS - building profiles for professional

*  Arcellor Mittal


Special offer for our regular customers. In October you don't have to worry about prices of corners with meh, because here you can buy high quality corner with 20 cm mesh in incredible price. Offer valid until the exhaustion of supplies. 



Special offer for our regular customers. In September our customers can buy balcony profiles with mesh 145 g and protective tape 3.0 m long in the price of profiles 2.5 m long. It's over 15 % discount for the complete, high quality product. Promotionl offer valid until the exhausting of supplies.


Try out our ALUMINIUM PLASTERING CORNER (NALT MAX). Very stiff corner, manufactured from 0.5 mm thick tape and resistant to corossion and the effect of aggressive gypsum plasters.
Manufactured according to the premium models, shape of the mushroom adjusted to the requirements of professional plasterers.


   In relation to achieving 100 % productivity of the line manufacturing knurled BIG MAX, we can already offer it to all of our customers. On 16-17.08 we will bring up to date price lists, in which you will find marked with red colour aluminium corner BIG Max (30x30 / 0.4 mm) and aluminium corner for wet gypsum plasters NALT Max (34x34 / 0.5 mm). On 14-31 of August - 5% discount on BIG MAX.


In June we achieved the full production capacity on plaster corners lines. We extended our offer of cement-lime plasters corners with new product: steel corner Standard. The product is manufactured from the  0.5 mm thick MAGNELIS tape.
Magnelis is an innovative product "Arcelor Mittal Steel" with repeatedly higher corrosion resistance towards galvanized tapes.

MAY 2017 - NEW KNURLED CORNER 30X30X0,4 mm

In 2016 we resumed productions of aluminium corners from the group Max. In May 2017 we started with full strength a production of corners BIG MAX 30x30x0,4 mm. It supplemented the range of our 0.4 mm thick corners. These corners have a special knurl, which improves the stiffness of the product and the adhesion to plaster masses. Corners are produced from 0.4 mm thick tapes and stand out with the best parameters. Currently on the market there is no better corner than our knurled BIG MAX!  

New corners for wet plasters

We enriched our offer of corners to cement-lime plasters with two products: steel corner STANDARD and steel corner MAX. Products are manufactured from the MAGNELIS 0.5 mm thick tape.
Magnelis is an innovative product „Arcelor Mittal Steel” with repeatedly higher corrosion resistance towards galvanized tapes .

Aluminium corners from MAX group

In 2016 we've started production of aluminum corners from MAX group. They are these are corners with the special knurl, improving the stiffness of the product and the adhesion to plaster masses. Corners are produced from 0.4 mm thick tapes and are standing out with the bet parameters of products available on the market.